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Poor fuel consumption - how do I improve?

From your info the "real" mpg of the i10 is well below claims. My new i10 1.2 achieves 42 mpg on open rural roads, few stops but short (flat) journeys of 5-10 miles. Total mileage from new is only 1000.

It has an eco feature encouraging the driver to up gears quickly and I am usually in 5th at 40 mph. This means changing gear at 1500-2000 rpm. I have watched your eco video and think I am doing the "right" things. (Other car is a Fiat Sedici and is OK for mpg).

The Hyundai forum site seems to suggest one needs to work the revs harder before going up gears to improve mpg?

Hyundai claims I should be getting well in excess of 50mpg.

It's a new car. How many miles should I drive before the engine should be "optimal" for mpg?

What is the minimal distance a journey should be to achieve better mpg - important factor for these small cars which presumably are aimed at "short" trip users?

Am I expecting too much? If my journeys are always short (5-10 miles) what mpg should I expect?
I get out of first gear as quickly as I can but what is the best rpm to change up the gears for economy?

I can change up a gear at 1500 rpm but should I work it a bit harder/faster and change up at 3000 rpm as some suggest on the Hyundai forum?

Other than the disappointing mpg, this is a great little car and great value for money.

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Switch to decent petrol brand. I get 55+ mpg in the summer and about 48 in thew winter from a FIAT 500 1.2 run on V-Power and taking advantage of better performance at low revs. On V-Power change up at quite low revs, not high revs.
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