What fuel should I use to keep my 10 year old Toyota Avensis running?

You mention that supermarket petrol can clog up engines and reduce MPG from the deposits in their additives. I understand that it's best to use branded super unleaded. Is it the case that branded normal unleaded is similar to supermarket unleaded?
I have just bought a one owner 10 year old petrol Toyota Avensis and don't know what fuel has been used in it. Should I add Redex in case it will improve it. What do you suggest?

Asked on 17 August 2017 by Hat751

Answered by Honest John
No I didn't write that. What I wrote was that supermarket fuels often lack the additives that keep fuel systems clean. All fuels have to meet a basic British Standard of 95RON for 'Premium' unleaded and 97RON for Super. Some exceed these RONS (Shell V-Power petrol is 99RON) and that is in addition to their additive packages. I recommend you use Super and do not add any further additives.
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