Would my hybrid car benefit from premium fuel?

I have a new Toyota C-HR Hybrid in which I'll do about 8000 miles per year, mixed driving. I also have a 2016 Toyota Aygo semi auto in which I do about 4000 miles per year, mostly short journeys. Would either, or both, of these benefit from superunleaded petrol as they're not high performance engines.

Asked on 22 July 2017 by smitham

Answered by Honest John
Yes, both of them would. Until recently my parents ran an Auris hybrid with the same engine and drivetrain as your C-HR and a Yaris, both on Shell V-Power Nitro Plus and consequently got good mpg and has no trouble at all with the fuel systems of either car. Because of the way the engine runs in a Toyota hybrid, it benefits enormously from the fuel system cleaning additives in V-Power. Texaco, BP or Esso are good stations to use - not supermarket fuel.
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