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Most recently answered radio codes questions
I was given a radio code with an 8 in it, but my radio only has numbers between 1 and 6. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I've recently had the battery on my Ford Mondeo Mk4 replaced and I need the code for my radio. I've pulled out the unit and have the following serial numbers: 815 C7E3F0793 C 2123627.
I have all the relevant paperwork to get my radio code from Ford, so why do I have to pay £25 just for them to give it to me? This seems to be a money making business considering they have it in their...
My mum has a 2004 Ford Focus Estate. The battery was disconnected and now it needs a radio code entered. Can you help?
My granddaughter just got a Ford Fiesta, but the radio code for it is wrong. How do we unlock the radio?
I have the code for my Ford radio, how do I unlock it to input the code?
My radio says 'Lock 13'. How do I unlock it?
I'm looking for the radio code for my daughter's Ford KA. The serial number is V026774. The radio went off after her boyfriend put a new battery in.
I'm leaving my 2015 Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Golf on my driveway for nine weeks in winter. Should I disconnect the batteries?
The battery on my Ford went flat and the radio is asking for the code. It's a 4500 Rds Eon stereo. Can you help with the code?

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