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I'm buying a new Mazda through a local dealer. They've offered their Paint and Interior Protection package for £300. The car I've picked has leather rather than fabric seats, so I won't get much value...
I am getting a SEAT Leon FR Black Edition and I want to keep it clean at all times and in the best shape possible. From your knowledge what is the best car care pack I could buy without being silly money...
I have recently purchased a one-owner 19-year-old Jaguar S-Type in very good condition but do not have garage space for it. Is there a Car Paint Protection firm you can recommend to try to help keep it...
What is the best product for repairing minor scratches on paintwork from road chippings? And is there any product for protecting the bodywork from being scratched in the first place?
BMW has offered me the discounted price of £250 to add BMW Protect X to a brand new vehicle. I will lease the car for three years then return it to the dealer. Is it worth buying the protection?
I am about to take delivery of a new Skoda Kodiaq. I have rejected the dealers offer for paint and upholstery protection. Which products do you recommend for the job?
Do you have any advice regarding common sales techniques that car dealers might use to sell a car to a customer? Are there any in particular to be wary of?
I often see ads for felt-tip pens that claim to "cover paint scratches like magic". Are these products actually any good?
Is it worth paying £399 for bodywork protection for a new car from Supaguard?
I'm looking to get my brand new Hyundai i10 insured. But, because I used Diamondbrite, the insurers are saying they won't insure my car because the premium will go up (they say it has been modified, non-standard...

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