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I want to buy a small used car for about £10,000. Could you make a few suggestions please. I've been looking at a Fiat 500.
I would like to buy my grandson, who's coming up 17 years old, a small car to allow him to start work. I'd like it to be no older than five years, safe, very reliable, have reasonable running costs and...
I'm a single parent looking for advice for buying a small, reliable, inexpensive to run car with a high driving seat and easy access for the driver (dodgy hips). Good visibility and value are must. It...
I am looking to buy a Honda C-RV automatic car with a petrol engine for around £5000. What year should I be looking for to be the most reliable?
I am thinking of buying a 2004 Honda Accord 2.0 petrol. It has 217,000 miles on the clock and is advertised for £600 with an MOT and full service history. I know Hondas are reliable but is it worth buying...
Six years after passing my test and driving other people's cars, I'm finally going to get my own motor. I've been doing lots of digging, and it seems that the old suspects keep popping up. The Fiesta,...
I want to buy my daughter a new car. Can you recommend something that's reliable and cheap?
What five-door car would you recommend under £2000?
What is the best car for my grandson to buy as a first car for around £1000? It must have cheap insurance, be good on fuel and reliable.
What car would you suggest for a trip around Europe (two months long)? Our budget is £3000 to £4000.

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