Should I buy back my Cat N write off from my insurers?

I've just been told my car is a Category N write off. The insurance company would give me market value (£3500), which is fair enough considering it's a diesel with 74,000 miles on the clock. Or I could buy it back as Cat N and get £2500 cash instead. Although I would probably not get a diesel again, the car has been reliable and we normally drive our cars until they don't go any more (this is a seven year old Grand Picasso). The front is bashed in, the bonnet doesn't quite close properly and it needs a new bumper and set of lights. Is it sensible to buy it back?

Asked on 5 January 2018 by Paula Young

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, why would you buy back a car you already own? You are being conned by your insurer. Advise them that you insist the car is repaired as the repair cost does not exceed the market value. If they advise it is a "constructive total loss", ask them to refer to the part in the new salvage code where it advises they can do this. There is no reference, a car is only ever a total loss when repair costs exceed the market value. Your contract of insurance is to indemnify you "up to" the market value. The insurer's liability lies at the cost of repair up to this point.
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