Can I insure a car in my name but register it to someone else?

I've just bought a car, but can't have it in my name at the moment because I'm finalising my divorce and both parties have debts outstanding. These debts will be all cleared when our divorce is finalised in January. Can I register the car in a family member's name and will it effect their own insurance if I have an accident? Will this also affect my car insurance? Will I be responsible for any parking tickets and offences if I'm the main driver?

Asked on 4 December 2017 by Hayley Cox

Answered by Tim Kelly
Interesting situation. Yes, you can have the vehicle registered in someone else's name whilst having it insured in your name. You could not have them insure it for you as well though, as they would not be the main driver. To put you on as named driver would then be "fronting", which is fraud. If the details on the V5 registration document are another family member, any traffic offences or parking fines would get sent to them.
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