My friend, a named driver on my car, had an accident while driving abroad - why does my insurer now say he's not covered?

I added my friend to my policy when we were going on holiday to Italy together. Unfortunately, he had an accident in the car and now my insurer says he wasn't covered and that the named drivers are only insured in the UK. My insurer has never made me aware of any geographic limitations for drivers named on my policy - how can they get away with this 'post-accident' limitation? My insurer says I should have told them I was adding my friend for a holiday, but why would I? I wouldn't phone my insurer and say 'I want to add a friend for Tuesday, and he might be out in the rush hour, and maybe cross the border into Leicestershire.'

Asked on 20 November 2017 by moddedmoggy

Answered by Tim Kelly
Unless you ask the specific question, then your insurer is correct. It's your duty not theirs to make sure the cover you have is what you require. Never presume anything with insurers, they will take any opportunity afforded not pay. You need to make sure they cannot do this prior to any incident. This situation is of your own doing because your presumed rather than checked. Going out on Tuesday in rush hour, over a border to Leicestershire, is hardly like going to a different continent. Did you read your policy thoroughly prior to going abroad? There might be ways around this to make the insurer pay - but I would have read the full policy and listen to all the recorded phone calls from when you took the policy out, to when the claim was made.
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