If I went abroad for six months, would the named driver on my policy still be able to drive the car?

I'm the policy holder for my car insurance and my wife is the only named driver. If I went to work abroad for six months, would she still be able to drive the car under the policy? If I died suddenly, would the policy immediately expire and my wife have to take out a new policy in her own name?

Asked on 6 November 2017 by Hector Macduff

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes your wife would still be able to drive it, but you would need to be the main user for more than six months of the policy. If you were out of the country for more than six months and she used it more than you, then you would need to change it. You can still be the owner and change her to the main user. If your wife has access to another vehicle, then it would not be an issue. If she used it daily for social domestic, and too and from a place of work, then an insurer can and sometimes will advise that the policy is a "fronted policy". You can get around this with a shared joint policy. If you died suddenly, the insurer will allow a period of grace, the policy would not generally stop immediately. But the policy does technically become void at that point. She would then need to insure it herself.
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