My son's premium is high because of his postcode - is there any way to lower it?

My 25 year old son is being stung for car insurance because of his Central Manchester postcode, despite the fact that the car is kept in a secure underground car park - far safer than its previous on street location in the leafy suburbs - and is only used at weekends. Are you aware of any insurers that are prepared to look behind the bare postcode?

Asked on 16 November 2017 by Tony Elwood

Answered by Tim Kelly
In a word no, you need to reinforce the fact the car is kept in a secure underground car park. If it's only used on weekends, put it on a specialist car policy, excluding to and from a place of work. Limit the miles, put you on the policy and anyone over the age of 25 with a clean license - all of these will reduce the premium.
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