A named driver was at fault in a claim on my policy - how do we declare this?

Named driver was at fault in a claim on my policy. Fast forward to getting a new policy with another company and we've swapped places i.e I'll be the named driver this time on his policy. He (the one at fault, claimed on my previous policy) will be the policy holder. How do we declare this claim to the new insurer company?

Asked on 9 June 2017 by zieron

Answered by Tim Kelly
Named driver creates the policy in his name, advising you the named driver. When asked about claims and convictions, he advises yes on your policy as a named driver, so it did not affect his no claims if he as any. When insurer ask about you, named driver accident, claims and convictions, you say yes for accident, yes for claim made on your policy by the Insured on this policy. Underwriters will be aware that this does not affect his policy for No Claims, but will see him as a risk under this policy for past history. You need to make them aware that you have not had any accident (as long as you have not) but yes to the fact you have claimed. It will mark you as an additional risk.
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