I can't get covered for car hire in Spain because I'm 86 - what should I do?

I used to obtain an annual policy for car rental in Spain, but now that I'm 86 I'm no longer eligible. Is there an alternative to paying the rental company's extortionate prices?

Asked on 3 August 2017 by Patrick Doherty

Answered by Honest John
I'm guessing that you're only covering the excess on this policy, as you have not been specific. To not be eligible due to your age is possibly breaching the Equalities Act, so I would be raising a complaint with them advising them of this, as they were happy to insure you the previous year. What I would do is try to find a hire car company that has a low enough excess in the first place: www.carrentals.co.uk/compare/car-rental-for-driver...l Other than that, you are stuck with what they charge you.
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