I caused damage to a van and my excess is very high - should I cover the repair costs myself?

Today, as I pulled out of a side road onto a main road, I hit a van. The van was indicating left and I assumed he would turn left, but he he carried straight on and I hit him. My insurance excess is £1000. I didn't realise it was this high, but my insurers say I should have checked the policy. I'm hoping the damage isn't anywhere near £1000 though. Should I take it to a local garage and pay to get it fixed myself as my insurer aren't going to pay unless it 's over £1000 anyway?

Asked on 27 November 2017 by vivala

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would certainly go and get a few quotes first. Then at least you know where you stand. If the quote provided is more than £1000, advise your insurer. Ask any of the repairers whether it would be possible for you to source the parts, or to use secondhand parts to reduce the cost.
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