I was hit by a post van - why am I being held partially liable?

A post van pulled out in front of me whilst I was driving my coach. I had to stop abruptly, but it was in a narrow road. When she then proceeded to pass me, she scraped the side of my coach. Repairs have been paid for by my insurance company but I've only been given half of my excess back because I had to accept 50/50 liability.

Asked on 1 August 2017 by SANDIE NORTH

Answered by Tim Kelly
On a narrow road it is always hard to prove, unless you have it on a dashcam. Contact your insurer and advise them that you are in no way liable for the incident and that you expect them to fully reclaim your lawful entitlement. Do you have photos of the scene, the time and the damage on both vehicles? If you do not, then any attempt to find the other party liable is most likely to fail. Get your insurer to contact the other insurer and advise that they find them wholly liable. Ask them to provide evidence to substantiate why they feel different.
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