My son's No Claims runs out soon - should we insure an old banger in his name to maintain his NCB?

We run two cars: an Audi A5, UK insured for summer and a Nissan X-Trail, insured in France for winter. We share them both with our son, who lives in London and does about 4000 miles per year. We do 40,000 miles per year and both cars are insured for us all to drive in the UK and Europe. His no claims apparently runs out after two years, which is soon, and he is keen to maintain it. How can we do this? Should we buy a banger and insure it in his name, even if he never drives it?

Asked on 31 July 2017 by J D Robinson

Answered by Tim Kelly
You can either make him the main driver on one of the vehicles and have the policy in his name, or contact future insurers to see if they will consider your shared claims history to credit his no claims. Admiral do this on some of their policies. Buying a banger and insuring it is a novel way round it and nothing to say you cannot, it just appears a very expensive way round it. You could insure him on a policy for a few months and cancel it, then request current proof of no claims. But you would then have cancellation fees. Your best out of all would be to insure him as the main user on the A5.
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