Will switching policy holder every year allow both my wife and I to retain our NCB?

My wife and I each had a car insured under a Direct Line multicar policy. We are both named drivers on each others policy. I recently sold my car and haven't found a replacement so told the insurance company that I didn't need separate insurance from the renewal date and opted to just be a named driver on my wife's policy. Will not having insurance in my own name prevent me from hiring a vehicle? Also, to retain our NCB I was thinking of alternating the main policy holder between my wife and I every 12 months. Is this do-able or would the insurance company try to stop us?

Asked on 26 June 2017 by dn

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, not having insurance will not affect you hiring a car, it goes on their insurance unless stated otherwise. After three years your NCB lapses, so yes, alternating between you and your wife is a good way of keeping both NCB. And no, nothing insurance companies can do about it.
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