I want a practical second car, would I be best taking out a multi-car policy?

I've had my Mazda MX5 for 15 years and have no intention of parting with it, but the load/tow car to which I've had access when necessary will soon become unavailable. I have a mind to buy something cheap and cheerful, an old Ford Focus would do, but it will also need insurance. I've heard of one driver, two car policies but don't know where to go. A second policy wouldn't carry any no claims bonus.

Asked on 16 October 2017 by EJC Parker

Answered by Tim Kelly
You can go down that route, but I would bear in mind the age of the MX5. You could insure it on a classic car policy (that does not use your no claims) and have as a second car, then use your no claims on the new car you buy. I'm not a fan of multi-car policies, as you can affect your no claims history across the full range of cars you have access too. If you feel you want the convenience of one, Admiral's multi-car policy would suit, but you will find many insurers offer them. Aviva is another one that it may well be worth ringing.
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