My insurer refuses to suspend my policy while I get a new car - what do I do now?

I was recently involved in an accident which wrote off my car. I've notified my insurer without claiming and the third party hasn't claimed either (I suspect she was not insured to drive to begin with but that's another story). I've now had the car scrapped and was expecting my insurer to suspend the policy while I get a new car, but they're refusing to do it. I could understand this if I had made a claim, but I haven't. Can you tell me where I stand?

Asked on 26 May 2017 by gazk75

Answered by Tim Kelly
Your insurer has to suspend the policy as there is now no "insurable interest". Advise them you will be obtaining another vehicle shortly and that you then wish to put that vehicle on cover. Should they refuse, raise a complaint and take it to the financial ombudsman. Make the insurer aware you are doing this and you may well find they change their opinion sharpish. The alternative is to still complain, but to also cancel the policy. Should you then be charged anything for doing this, then add that to your complaint to the FOS.
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