I was penalised because my NCD was more than I stated - where do I stand?

I have recently returned to insuring a vehicle after three years as a company car holder. I had full no claims discount before taking the company car, and no claims in the company car. All of the above is fully verifiable. When I took out insurance with RAC insurance they asked for proof of seven years NCD. I was able to provide 13 years, three from my employer and 10 from my last insurer. There was no gap between policies as the company insurance started in February 2014, and my personal insurance was live until April 2014. My insurance company have taken £134 from my bank because my NCD was MORE and not LESS than I stated. Where do I stand?

Asked on 5 May 2017 by John Morgan

Answered by Honest John
Your NCD lapsed because you did not hold the policy for three years. It always does lapse after two years. An insurer will still take your record into account, but there is no automatic "right" to an NCD if you do not hold a policy for three years.
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