My car's CD player went missing when the car was repaired after an accident - what do I do?

I recently had an accident with a fox. I drove the car back to my grandma's house on holiday where it was promptly taken by one of my insurance company's contractors with the CD player intact. A month later I settled for a cash in lieu settlement and agreed that my car would be returned to my local mechanic in Notts. When the car arrived at my local mechanics it no longer had a cd player. I have called the insurance company and they are drafting statements from their contractors. They deny that the car arrived in their care with a CD player in it and claim they have evidence to support this. When I signed off the car for it to get towed away and get assessed there was definitely a car radio in it. If everyone covers their backs how can I make sure I get my CD player back or get compensated? Does it rest with me to prove the car was sent with a CD player in it? If so how can I prove that other than my own witness?

Asked on 2 June 2010 by jimmeythefish

Answered by Dan Harrison
You've hit the nail on the head - you'll need to prove that the CD player was in the car when it went in. If you don't have much luck with the insurance company, report it to the police as stolen. You may even be able to claim on your insurance once you have a crime number.
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