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Honda took nearly 30 years to replace its S800 sports car – but we reckon the S2000 was well worth the wait. With 240bhp available from its 2.0-litre engine and a 9000rpm redline, this rear-wheel drive two-seater was not for the feint-hearted. But what about insurance costs?
You can now pick them up for £10k or less, but will you able to afford the insurance?
It's cute and cudly and it doesn't go remotely fast enough to bite you - yep, the Nissan Figaro is perfect if you want retro looks with all mod cons. Built to cash in on Japan's 1990s classic car boom, the Figaro comes with leather seats, air-con, CD player and fabric roof.
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A8 refresh for 2014 focuses on increasing power, bringing down emissions and trimming company car tax.
Leon range expands to include a three-door - for the first time ever.
Load-lugging version of the popular Octavia is big on space and big on features.
The Fiat 500L may look like the city car which gives it its name, but does it also share its charm?

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