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Should my insurer give me a courtesy car equivalent to my vehicle?

I had a low impact bump causing damage to rear bumper and small dent to body work above bumper. I claimed on my insurance and my Toyota RAV4 was allocated a date for estimate to be carried out at appointed bodyshop. I asked the bodyshop when I needed to bring the car in for inspection, as the car was perfectly roadworthy but would require a change of bumper. I was informed that they had to follow insurance procedure and collect the car. They collected it on 5 June and I was supplied with a Suzuki Celerio courtesy car. It is now 13 June and still no work has been carried out. I contacted my insurer to complain about the shoddy service. I had been misinformed and was told that I could have taken the car in for inspection and subsequently return it for repair. I contacted the bodyshop and requested an upgrade of the courtesy car, due to the delay because they misinformed me of the procedure, they refused. They tell me repairs will be possibly complete by 16 June, but no guarantee. I think they have been very underhand and I have told my insurer this. Do I have any redress against this bodyshop?

Asked on 14 June 2017 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
In short, no. You have no redress against the bodyshop, they are acting under the contract they have with the insurer. Your redress is with the insurer in this case. Firstly, was the damage to the car caused by your self or did a third party cause it? You have different entitlements if it was not your fault. You would be entitled to an equivalent hire vehicle to the one you had. The car you have has probably been provided to you by the garage out of "courtesy" whilst your car is being repaired, in this case, if it is not part of the contract you have with your insurer you may not be even entitled to a car if you damaged your vehicle through your own fault. Complain to your insurer strongly and then complain to the Financial Ombudsman service:
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