Why does my brand new car have paintwork swirl marks?

I have just bought a new Toyota RAV4, and it looks like it is an excellent car. The car is black and has Toyota’s ceramic paint protection. Once the rain stopped and the sun came out (on day three of ownership) I notice that the paintwork has very bad swirl marks and looks terrible in the sunshine. It looks like in prepping the car the dealership has poorly done this and made the paintwork look like a poorly cared for second hand car.

I have always had black cars and have always waxed them to the ninth degree. The dealership says it will get some body shop person in to polish off these swirls out. I am concerned about this firstly because of the bonded ceramic coating and secondly the car is brand new and so should the paintwork be. What are your thoughts?

Asked on 4 September 2020 by Henry McDermott

Answered by Dan Powell
This reads like the paint protection has been incorrectly applied by the dealer. At a guess, I'd say it has created some very fine scratch marks on the surface of the paintwork. A bodywork specialist should be able to correct this. If they don't, you'll have strong grounds to reject the car or demand a sizeable discount against the agreed price of the vehicle.

For your legal rights, see: www.honestjohn.co.uk/how-to-reject-a-car-your-cons.../
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