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Someone damaged my car but I don't want it written off - do I have any options?

Someone reversed into my driver's door and dented it. It still opens and closes perfectly well. They admitted it was their fault. The car is a SEAT Altea probably worth £800 at best. A repair is likely to be about the same amount. The other driver has informed his insurer and got the ball rolling but I really don't want the car written off. Have I got options?

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Yes, you have, do not let them take the vehicle away under any circumstances. Value the vehicle ( and get the highest value you can. That is your target point. Then obtain a quote from your preferred repairer, and ask them to provide an estimate. Then ask if the can repair the vehicle for less than the market value. If you agree to using second-hand parts, this should then make it viable if the car requires a door. Alternatively, request a cash in lieu settlement at the cost of repair inclusive of VAT based on these costings, at less than the market value.
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