Due to a medical condition I cannot currently drive - can my wife take on my no claims discount?

Due to a short term medical problem I am not currently allowed to drive. My insurance company has been notified and are happy for my wife (a named driver) to be the main driver but only until my policy ends on November 1st. After that date, a new policy in her name will be required. Although my wife has been driving (as a named driver) for over 40 years with a blemish free record she is deemed to have a 0% NCD resulting in the quoted renewal premium going up by nearly £600. Is there any way around this problem?

When I resume driving I will obviously have had no car insurance for a short period of time - I reckon 3-4 months.Does this mean my current 10+ years NCD will be nullified and I too will be on 0% NCD?


Paul Jesper

Asked on 11 October 2019 by pentex

Answered by Tim Kelly
They are your no claims last for three years, so you will not lose them. I would re-insure in your name as the policyholder with your wife as the "main user" and would advise that your licence has not been revoked and is still valid, though a medical condition is stopping you from driving. As long as you have a valid driving licence, the contract is still valid. If it has been revoked it is not suspended. It would need to be suspended by the DVLA. You can advise that though not driving at the moment, you will be part way through the policy. Some insurers will also credit your wife with full no claims if she has been a named driver on your policy with no incidents.
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