Land Rover Range Rover Sport (2013 on)


3.0 SDV6 306 Autobiography Dyn Auto 5dr 7 seat

reviewed by Ian Scholey on 11 October 2021
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A Real Shame

I am now on my third RRSport. The first was a 2016 model year 3.0 petrol with supercharger that I bought new while living in the USA.
Lovely car.
On my return to the UK in October 2018 ad on the strength of my success with my car in the USA I bought a 3.0 diesel autobiography and immediately ran into problems. The phone connection was a disaster and would keep cutting out the music - as well as the phone. This was never resolved and the car spent weeks on end in the garage as the technicians tried to fix it. Apple car play NEVER worked.
The side steps would deploy at speed then retract - then deploy - then retract - then........
Finally one of the side steps was torn off after going over the shallow crown at the top of my driveway. We thought they had retracted... This programming issue was never fixed.
At 17000 or so miles there was a rumble from the engine and a deep vibration under low rev acceleration. The car was duly sent to the dealer who told me that my car needed a new engine. The engine was installed and failed a week after its return.
Range Rover took the car back and offered a replacement. I took it as I couldn't believe I would get another lemon. The new car was delivered on the 23rd March 2020. Same Specification.
Last Thursday 7-10-21, there was a rumble from the engine and a vibration at low rev acceleration. I took it to the garage and - yes you've guessed it - it needs a new engine. The car has failed at the same mileage - give or take as the previous car - 17000. I asked the Master Technician if this was a common fault. He said he had seen several but that he reckoned I was just unlucky in getting two!
I don't think I am unlucky. I think Range Rover need to sort out their product. If that means firing their suppliers than they need to do just that.
I will not have another Range Rover product because I simply cant trust their reliability and that is a real, real shame..... because when the car is running without its faults - and there are unfortunately so many - its fantastic....
Time to go -very very sadly back to Germany

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reviewed by Anonymous on 17 August 2020
reviewed by Marcus Swalwell on 1 April 2019

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Road TaxA–M
MPG21.1–88.3 mpg
Real MPG82.4%

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