Hyundai i20 (2015 on)

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1.2 84ps SE 5dr Hatchback

reviewed by Anonymous on 11 May 2019
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Great, economical,spacey and good looking car

Having been a Nissan driver for several years (2 x Nissan Primera P11 & P12) and having had a very bad experience with the newer P12 (Renault alliance era car) i decided to get rid of that rubish car and look for something newer to do my daily 100 KM(62 miles= commute.

The Primera P11 was still a first time starter and super reliable car, but due to the new emission restrictions on cars in Spanish big cities (Madrid & Barcelona) i can no longer use my trust worthy car in the urban area and the P12 Primera was not a reliable enough car to trust, since i depend on my cars due to my working schedule.

I decided to opt for a new car due to new cars sales falling = more generous offers from dealers, so i went shopping for a good deal and decided on the i20 due to its looks, comfort and good reliability record. I had previous experience from a 2006 Hyundai Getz which was a very reliable and dependable car.

With the Mk2 i20 Hyundai has come a long way from the Getz, which itself was good car, let by its looks and its "rubish badge"..

The Mk2 is a great quality car, with eye catching design, just look at those real lights, remind of an Italian car (AR) don't tehy? So we finally have a reliable Alfa Romeo! ;)

Cabin materials are very good, no rattles so far and everything is perfectly placed and it is very spacious for a small car.

Driving the car is a pleasure, it feels sturdy, handles well with a good feel from the electrically controlled steering assist, but its not as fun as the old Primera P11 to throw around corners, so its not "sports car" but there is not much body roll.So a very comfortable and surprisingly well sound proofed car for long journeys.
The 1.2 (84) pulls very well from 1000rpm to 2000rpm, basically you do not need to rev it above 2000rpm to drive around town, so this makes for a very smooth and nice drive.

On the highway i wish it had 6th gear, since at 110Km/h where is set my cruise speed, the engine revs at 3000rpm. which for sure raises the fuel consumption, and as i mentioned above, the engines sweet spot is around 1500-2000rpm. so it would have definitely benefited from a 6th gear!

Insurance & fuel economy:
- I pay very little for a full insurance for this car, actualy less than for the old Nissan, and it comes with full coverage, absolutely no worries if something happens (be it my fault or others!) 10/10 here!

- Combined Fuel economy has settled down to 5.2L/100km ( 54.32mpg) no matter how nicely or hard i drive it, i do 65% highway commuting and 35% town driving.

-Good supportive seats!
-Air condition (a must in Spain!)
-ESP, Lane departure warning, Cruise control(something i never had in my previous cars!), hill assist, bluetooth, USB (reads pendrives very quicky) and many more things.
Good audio quality and bass response from front speakers, but the rear speakers are nothing special (my car comes with 6 speakers).

Reliablity & Servicing:

- Bargained a 5 yrs free servicing deal with the car, so cant comment on servicing cost since they free for me until 2023.
-No warranty repairs so far so all good, but hey its a 1 year old car, it should just run hassle free and its Asian, not European made crap i.e VW and the French fries....!

All in all a very good quality product from Hyundai with sharp looks, good materials, good ergonomics, driveabillity and 5 yr warranty for piece of mind.
Its better than the Toyota Yaris in all aspects and washes the floor with VAG(CrapWagen produsts) in terms of style and reliability, so i see no point why people keep buying specially Volkswagen Polo´s for more money, i mean look at a Polo, its a box on wheels with no styling wahts so ever, and needless to say about their reliabilty record in the past 20 yrs.. Have you ever had a boner for a Polo?!

GO get you i20 its a great car!!

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reviewed by Billenfield1 on 6 February 2019
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Road TaxA–G
MPG44.1–88.3 mpg
Real MPG79.5%

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