Budget 2020: £500 million per year pledged to fix 50 million potholes

Published 11 March 2020

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a new £500m annual fund to fix potholed roads across the UK. 

During the 2019 General Election campaign, the Conservative Party promised £2 billion for filling potholes as part of its National Infrastructure Strategy. £1 billion was allocated to road maintenance in England in 2020-21 with an additional £500m in funding - exceeded the £1.3 billion spent in 2018-19. 

Research by Halfords claims that one third of UK drivers have been forced to pay between £1000 - £4999 over the past two months to fix vehicle damage that's pothole related.

The research also claims that around one in 10 car drivers and motorbike riders have suffered a serious and long-lasting injury because of a pothole-related accident.

HM Treasury said the £500m-per-year funding package will also be used to start resurfacing works, preventing potholes rather than just repairing existing ones.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said: "This rehash of Theresa May's pothole fund is another policy announcement that shows the Tories trying to patch up problems they have created without getting a grip on the underlying state of infrastructure in this country."


hissingsid    on 11 March 2020

If the funding package is also to be used for resurfacing works, let's hope it will be proper long term resurfacing, not the dreaded "surface dressing" which consists of a skim of tarmac and a spread of loose chippings which damage paintwork and get stuck in wheel arches. If you are really unlucky they can result in a broken windscreen.

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