Production BMW i3 makes first public appearance

Published 11 September 2013

The production version of the new BMW i3 made its first appearance at the Frankfurt motor show. It's officially on sale now from £25,860, but the first of BMW's i range of electric and range extender cars reaches UK dealers in November.

BMW calls the i3 'the megacity vehicle' and it's visually changed very little since being shown as a concept in 2011.  BMW says it's between 80 to 100 miles although the i3 is designed to be recharged once every two to three days. A fleet of i3s was in action at the show during press days.

Energy saving is obviously a key factor so the cabin heating saves 30 per cent of energy compared to conventional electrical heating systems, while the internal and external lighting uses energy-saving LEDs. The range extender version - with its small engine - will boost this range up to 180 miles.

The i3 comes with AC Fast Charging which means it can be charged from zero to 80 per cent in just three hours. Although this does require a special BMW i Wallbox at home or the use of a public charging point like those in certain shopping centres. It can also be charged from a standard household socket which takes between eight and 10 hours.

That sub-£26,000 price includes the £5000 government grant for Plug-In cars or alternatively the i3 can be leased from £369 a month. That's on a 36 month contract with an up front payment of £2995 and a mileage limit of 24,000 miles. A range extender version - with a 650cc two-cylinder engine - is set to be launched in the near future although no prices have been revealed.

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Bloo Loo    on 12 September 2013

Built for ultimate driving pleasure...just not for very long

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