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Porsche Taycan (2020) At A Glance

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The Porsche Taycan is creating shockwaves in the electric car world. It's phenomenally good to drive, has a superb interior and is practical enough to use as your main family car. But does it justify its hefty price tag?

+Feels like a Porsche with a superb (and surprisingly practical) interior. Incredible to drive. Range of up to 300 miles. Lower running costs than a 911.

-It's really not cheap to buy and optional extras will hit you hard in the wallet. Performance from entry-level model isn't quite as impressive as you'd expect.

The Porsche Taycan is proof that the future of motoring doesn't have to be mind-numbingly dull. The brand's first ever electric car, the Taycan has enough space for all the family, can travel nearly 300 miles between charges, and it's arguably even more fun to drive than the legendary Porsche 911.

Looking for a Porsche Taycan (2020 on)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

The best thing about the Taycan is it really feels like a Porsche. Sure, the Tesla Model S might have been ticking the 'long-distance electric GT car' box for a number of years now, but it just doesn't have the same feel-good factor.

The Taycan's interior quality is simply superb, with lots of plush materials and enough screens to give off a 'NASA control room' vibe. These are all easy to use, with clear graphics and plenty of customisation options. Apple CarPlay is standard across the range, while we can definitely recommend splashing out on the excellent uprated Burmester premium sound system.

There are four seats as standard, although you can spec an extra middle seat in the back if you wish. There's a reasonable amount of room, although adults might find the rear seats a little squished. There are two boots with more than enough space for the weekly shop between them, but you're still going to be better with a Panamera if you're planning regular cross-continental road trips with all the family in tow.

Depending on which model you go for (there's the standard Taycan, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S models to choose from), Porsche's EV can officially travel up to around 300 miles between charges. A full charge at home will only cost you around £12, so it's incredibly cheap to run for the performance on offer, while public rapid chargers will top the battery up in less than half an hour.

All Taycan models are pretty rapid, with even the standard car covering 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds. If you want supercar-like performance, look for one with a Turbo badge. The range-topping Turbo S can sprint to 62mph in less than three seconds. That's phenominally quick.

It's not just straight-line performance that's impressive, either. It's perhaps the most agile electric car on sale, eager to change direction yet not intimidating to drive in the slightest. Most models come with four-wheel drive, yet all have a huge amount of grip on offer.

The biggest issue with the Taycan is the purchase price. Even the most affordable model is more than £70,000 – and that soon starts to increase as you work your way through the extensive options list. But factor in the low running costs and the monthly finance repayments start to look a little more manageable. And for your outlay, you certainly get a car that'll feel incredibly special.

Ask Honest John

I'll be moving to a more rural area soon - is buying a Porsche Taycan a smart idea?
"I'm downsizing my home and hope to return to my West Lancashire roots next year; somewhere rural with a garage. I fancy a Porsche Taycan - I love its looks and running costs are obviously more important than depreciation. The Turbo and Turbo S are tempting but I'll likely go for the 4S. Aside from questioning my sanity, what do you say? What options would you go for that would make it the most desirable? "
I'd say go for it, provided you buy a house with the ability to install an electric car charging point. We've not driven the Taycan yet but it's certainly one of the most desirable cars on the market at the moment. I'd suggest that metallic paint, a reversing camera, privacy glass and (perhaps) larger wheels will all help at resale time, but any Taycan will be desirable for a while yet. Good luck with your move and enjoy the car!
Answered by Andrew Brady

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