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Ford S-MAX (2015) At A Glance

Upmarket cabin with impressive refinement. Comfortable and satisfying to drive. Spacious and versatile. Has a spare wheel.

Rearmost row a little tight for adults. Expensive compared to some rivals.

New prices start from £26,450, brokers can source from £23,941
Contract hire deals from £288.05 per month
Insurance Groups are between 16–27
On average it achieves 76% of the official MPG figure

Ford managed to crack a winning formula with the previous S-MAX and it continues with the new model. It’s big, practical and comfortable, yet it feels upmarket and classy. Plus it is seriously good to drive – whether cruising long distance on the motorway or on a country road.

The S-MAX has seven seats as standard, with two that fold easily up and down from the boot floor using fabric pulls. These are really for occasional use, but the middle row is altogether more useful – offering enough space for adults and a lot of adjustability, thanks to individual sliding and reclining mechanisms.

When not hauling passengers, the S-MAX is capable of swallowing up plenty of cargo. In five-seat configuration there is 700 litres of boot space - enough several hefty suitcases – or you can fold the middle row down and liberate a van-like 2200 litres. A wide, electronically operated tailgate and low boot floor make access easy.

Up front the S-MAX feels like the latest Mondeo, with a neat and upmarket dashboard along with an easy-to-use centre console, featuring the SYNC 2 touchscreen infotainment as standard. The driving position is low down, which contributes to a more saloon-like driving experience than you’d expect from a people carrier.

There are six engine choices. Petrol options are a 1.5-litre with 150PS and a 2.0-litre with 240PS, but one of the 2.0-litre TDCi diesels makes more sense. Power outputs range from 120 to 210PS, with the middle 150PS and 180PS options the best choices when it comes to blending economy with performance. Both are officially capable of 56.5mpg.

For drivers who don’t want to sacrifice an enjoyable drive and an upmarket interior for the sake of more family-friendly space, the S-MAX is ideal. There are more spacious options, including Ford’s own Galaxy, as well as cheaper alternatives such as the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso but, as an all-round, do-it-all family car, the S-MAX is hard to beat.

Ford S-Max 2.0TDCI 2015 Road Test

Looking for a Ford S-MAX (2015 on)?
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Real MPG average for a Ford S-MAX (2015)

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Could you suggest a family car to replace a Mazda 5?
Our Mazda 5 was written off recently. We don't need five seats but we do like the space. We have a budget of £8000-10,000. Any advice what we should replace it with? Thanks.
If you want another MPV then the Ford S-MAX could be a good replacement: Alternatively, if you want a crossover with a raised driving position, you may want to consider the Honda CR-V:
Answered by Dan Powell
Are there any cars with sliding doors that fit three child seats?
I want a car or MPV with sliding doors for a family of three kids and two adults. I currently have a Ford S-MAX and we can get three child seats in the middle row but obviously that doesn’t have sliding doors. I’m considering the Mazda 5 but want to know if the middle row will hold three seats. We don’t want to go as big as the SEAT Alhambra. Hope you can help.
Unfortunately, the Mazda 5 is not compatible with what you want. It's very unlikely to seat all three kids in the back - and it only has two Isofix anchor points in the second row anyway. That leaves you with two options (unless you can think of an alternative model I haven't): 1) a larger car like the Sharan or MPV with sliding doors, 2) a slightly smaller car without sliding doors. You're unlikely to get a smaller car with sliding doors, essentially. Here are some models that fit three child seats across the back (but not all have three Isofix points): 1)Audi Q7 2) Peugeot 5008 3)VW Touran 4) VW Sharan/SEAT Alhambra 5) Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 6) Ford Galaxy 7) Renault Grand Scenic 8) Citroen C5 Aircross (two outer seats get isofix mounts) 9) Vauxhall Combo Life/Citroën Berlingo/Peugeot Rifter (second row gets 3 isofix points and fits 3 child seats, but the third row with two seats isn't suitable for car seats. It has sliding doors but is obviously much larger than your S-MAX as it's van-based). 10) Volvo XC90
Answered by Georgia Petrie
My car's glass roof blind was found to be faulty while being checked as part of a trade-in deal. Do I have to pay for it to be fixed if I didn't know?
I returned to the Ford dealership where I bought my S-Max 2.5 years ago to trade-in for a new car. I was served by the same salesman as before. He test drove the car and found no faults, then started to check electric windows, air conditioning and so on. Again, no faults. Then tested panoramic glass roof blind. It was in the closed position as I have never used it. It is now stuck in the open position with some of the blind fabric trapped in one of the runners. The dealer insists it was a fault that they didn't know about, which I agree with but crucially I didn't know either. It's booked for some work to sort the roof blind issue but I do not want to be stuck paying for the whole amount. Any advice would be much appreciated.
You cannot hold the dealer liable for the faulty panoramic glass roof blind. By your own admission, the blind had never been used and this will have probably caused the runners to become gunged up with dust and dirt over the past 2.5 years. Obviously, you can make it clear with the dealer that this is a deal-breaker (if they are desperate for the sale they may overlook the cost of fixing the blind). But you cannot force them to fix it for free or accept the vehicle's condition as part of the part-exchange.
Answered by Dan Powell
What is the best used family car for £12,000 with three full seats in the back and a good boot?
What is the best used family car for £12,000 with three full seats in the back and a good boot?
You'll need something fairly big for three full seats in the back. Consider a Ford S-MAX or SEAT Alhambra.
Answered by Andrew Brady

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