Review: Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015)


Known qualities of fifth generation Mondeo, with expensive premium leather trim and acoustic sound deadening to lift it into the luxury class.

Shifting entrenched attitudes is never easy, even if the product is better. The Toyota Camry hybrid is the same price as the Mondeo Vignale hybrid and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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4 December 2019 5-Star EURO NCAP RATING:

96% Adult Occupant; 87% Child Occupant; 70% Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.); 73% Safety Assist. Read more

9 June 2019 The Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 Ti VCT 187PS Hybrid is now available as an estate

, priced at £32,600. Read more

5 July 2018

Report from reader that Ford dealer unable to complete Safety Recall 12-3-2018: R/2018/53 (see Recalls) on Mondeo 2.0 Duratorq estate and had problems with other attempts for customers. Read more

Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015): At A Glance

What does a Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015) cost?

List Price from £29,460
Buy new from £26,935
Contract hire from £285.97 per month
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Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015): What's It Like Inside?

Inside is where the real money goes. Soft, premium leather everywhere you can see and touch: Seats, steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, armrests, console cubby cover.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Front Seat White (1)

The seats themselves echo the hexagon pattern of the grille. Very comfortable, multi-adjustable, luxurious.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Back Seat White (1)

Thick carpet mats are standard, as are cruise control, excellent satnav with forewarnings and very precise instructions. A stunning Sony sound system. And Active Noise Cancellation: a system for the diesels that uses microphones inside the car to detect engine, wind and tyre noise, then cancel 2-3 decibels of it. (2-3 dB is actually quite a lot.) It is almost 100% effective against engine noise.

Two small black marks against the estate inherited from the Mondeo are no 'Karakuri' type rear seat latches allowing the seatbacks to be dropped after opening the hatch. You have to unfasten them in the normal way. And the load cover cannister is particularly difficult to remove.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Estate Load 2 (1)


Child seats that fit a Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015)

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What's the Ford Mondeo Vignale (2015) like to drive?

Despite a combined 187PS and 300Nm torque, the Atkinson cycle petrol engine, synchronous electric motor and CVT transmission don’t make the Mondeo Vignale hybrid any ball of fire. In its favour, it is very quiet. When not accelerating, the loudest noise you can hear is the subdued thumping of the 235/45 R18 tyres over Italy’s pock-marked roads. (When accelerating hard you are, of course, aware of the discordant whirring of the CVT transmission. However, to the car’s credit, though you can hear the assault course the tyres are undergoing, the shocks are not fed through to the seats.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Satnav 1

As well as its relative silence, the major benefits of the hybrid are its 99g/km ECDC CO2 rating, which puts it in the zero annual tax bracket, and its ECDC combined fuel economy of 67.3mpg, (we think we got about 55mpg), it will make a very good ‘private hire’ car for London, the only slight disadvantage being the amount of trunk space taken up by the hybrid drive batteries.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Instruments

The 210PS, 450Nm torque Mondeo Vignale Powershift estate is obviously a different kind of car. Power more than ample from its new twin-turbo engine. Smooth changing Powershift, with steering wheel paddles. Steering that tightened up as speed increased, and any noise at all from the diesel engine completely eliminated by the Active Noise Cancellation, leaving the clatter of the tyres over potholes as the only audible intrusion. This car had the optional opening panoramic sunroof, electric steering wheel adjustment, active cruise control, power tailgate, load management system and blind spot elimination, whacking the price up from £32,675 to £35,825.



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Features on a Ford Mondeo Vignale have been discontinued since I paid a deposit - am I at liberty to get my deposit back?

In September, I placed an order for a Ford Mondeo Vignale, leaving a £1000 deposit with the dealer. I particularly liked the model due to its chrome embellishments. The vehicle is due in December, but as far as I can ascertain, the chrome detailing has now been removed from the vehicle. Dark tarnish finished wheels are now featured in the brochures online. The dealer is currently trying to ascertain if the specification has changed. If the vehicle has now been changed so dramatically, am I at liberty to reject it and recover my deposit? I would rather order a Titanium X model if the chrome finishes have now been discontinued, as they were the very features that swayed me from the Titanium X model in the first instance.
There was a County Court case about this in 2007 and the ruling was that the dealer was not responsible for a change of spec, so this was not grounds to cancel the order. The case was Johnson v HWM, Kingston County Court. However, this was only a County Court ruling so does not set a strong legal precedent. It could be overruled in the High Court.
Answered by Honest John
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