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I’ve just bought a Ford Fiesta Vignale. Should I turn off the keyless entry or have the changes made it more secure?
Where can I buy a Faraday key protector pouch?
What immobiliser should we have fitted to our keyless ignition 2016 Honda Jazz?
I will take delivery of a new Jaguar XFin a couple of weeks. One downside is the thought that the keyless entry system may allow determined thieves to steal the car. Is my new car more or less vulnerable...
Are there any cars with keyless entry, where the keyless entry facility can be disabled? So I can use a remote fob and press a button to unlock instead. Faraday cages for keys aren't sufficient for me.
How do I protect my car key signal from being stolen electronically when my car is parked?
If a key has a button to open the car door and you press a different button to start the car, do you need to screen the key when at home?
Ease of theft of cars with keyless entry systems by relay attack is very much in the news. Is there a reliable way of preventing this type of attack? A Faraday screened key pouch is offered as a solution....
I have a new keyless entry car. On a dealer's recommendation, I bought an RFID wallet which is supposed to block the radio signals. However, I can unlock the car with the key in the pouch in my pocket....
I am due delivery at the beginning of April of a new SEAT Leon with keyless entry. Is there any reliable way to ensure that the car is safe from thieves with an electronic signal booster?

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