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A friend lost her BMW key fob while walking her dogs close to her home and is worried that someone finds the key and steals her car. What's the best solution?
I was wondering if you are aware of whether Toyota Corolla models are being focused on in terms of theft of the catalytic converters? I have a 2006 Prius, which has been hit twice in six months and so...
I will take delivery of a new Jaguar XFin a couple of weeks. One downside is the thought that the keyless entry system may allow determined thieves to steal the car. Is my new car more or less vulnerable...
We feel we need to purchase a steering lock for our Nissan NV200 campervan, which is the most secure type for this kind of steering wheel please?
How do I protect my car key signal from being stolen electronically when my car is parked?
I have a new keyless entry car. On a dealer's recommendation, I bought an RFID wallet which is supposed to block the radio signals. However, I can unlock the car with the key in the pouch in my pocket....
I'm buying a new Ford Fiesta with keyless entry. What is the best steering lock to get?

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