Can I disable keyless entry?

Purchased Mercedes GLA in November. Vehicle parked in locked garage overnight. On a number of occasions boot has opened and scraped against garage door causing minor damage.

Also have returned to car on a number of occasions to find boot open. Dealership know this to be a problem but only suggestion seems to be a Faraday pouch or hang then keys up somewhere. Makes keyless useless.
Is there a key holder that protects key without shutting of keyless or can boot option be blocked? Unfortunately although Mercedes aware it seems it’s my problem and not theirs.

Asked on 19 February 2024 by Barrie Redding

Answered by David Ross
This is an unusual problem, but unless there is a specific fault with the keys or the vehicle it would appear that the boot operation is being triggered accidentally. One option would be to place the keys somewhere in your house that is further away from the garage so they are out of range, or purchase a Faraday pouch to prevent any signals being transmitted when not required.

It is possible to reprogram the key so that the boot release button is disabled, so we would enquire with your dealer. If they are not willing to help, we would suggest trying an independent vehicle locksmith who may be able to offer this service.
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