Will putting my keys in a biscuit tin prevent my car from being stolen?

I put my key fobs in a small biscuit tin in the house. Is this just as good as a Faraday Bag I could buy online?

Asked on 20 August 2018 by Keith White

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Yes and no. The biggest problem you'll have is sealing the box completely. Aluminium tape should solve this issue, as would wrapping aluminium foil around the key or tin. Testing to see if it works is very simple: stand next to your car to make sure it opens when you're near. Then lock it once, put the keys in the tin and try opening it again. If it stays locked then your tin is acting as a Faraday Cage. Though if you have to tape and untape it every time you want your keys then it might be worth spending £7 on a Faraday Bag that you can just open and close...
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