Key fobs to the cars in our street all stopped working at once. Is someone trying to steal a vehicle?

Recently, my daughter couldn't get into her car with the key fob a number of times. She had the car checked by a garage and no problem existed at the time, no battery was changed but the problem went away. Today, my son couldn't unlock his car with the key fob. Two cars on the same street at the same time also experienced the issue. It was all over within about ten minutes and then they managed to unlock their cars. Are opportunists going for a car, which might be affecting people in the same area? Your thoughts and advice, please?

Asked on 24 June 2020 by keith p

Answered by Georgia Petrie
It could be coincidence or something in the area inadvertently blocking the signal. Or it could be a signal blocker/jammer being used by potential thieves. I'd suggest your son and daughter invest in a faraday bag, they're fairly cheap on Amazon. Keyless cars are fairly easy to steal with the right device. Review of a faraday bag we tested here:
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