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I’m looking at purchasing an automatic Yaris or Yaris Hybrid. From research and asking around it seems like the 1.4/1.5 engine is the best to go for. However, my budget is £8k - £10k and getting this...
I want to buy a comfortable SUV style if possible car, I have owned a Yaris Cross 4WD and A RAV 4 AWD both new in last three years, although I liked both machines I find the CVT noisy in both and also...
I bought a 12 month old Ford Kuga PHEV recently and am very impressed with the automatic transmission which I believe is a CVT box? It's very smooth and quiet. But these CVT boxes seem to have a bit of...
I have a 71 plate Honda Jazz Hybrid. Sometimes it seems to over rev. It can be quite off putting. Have you heard of this?
After nearly eight years of living with the 2015 Honda CRV automatic we are getting the new Jazz in March. I haven't driven a CVT model before, and wonder whether you have any tips for someone who is making...
What does CVT mean and are they noisy?
Which small used cars have CVT? Should I consider others with DSG?
I have found an 2012 Audi A5 that's covered 100,000 miles, but it does have a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Not everyones cup of tea, but are they reliable enough to consider buying? I have...
Are CVT transmissions any good?
Please help me choose between a Honda Jazz i-Shift and a Honda Jazz CVT. Which is more reliable? I can spend £3000 and I want the most reliable car. It doesn't matter if it is the first generation or second.

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