Is there a hybrid that doesn't have a noisy CVT gearbox?

I want to buy a comfortable SUV style if possible car, I have owned a Yaris Cross 4WD and A RAV 4 AWD both new in last three years, although I liked both machines I find the CVT noisy in both and also the Yaris a little bit hard on suspension.

What could you suggest for a comfortable SUV style car hybrid that is not as noisy as the CVT on a Toyota?

Asked on 1 September 2023 by Michael David Bullen

Answered by David Ross
Unfortunately there are very few full hybrids that are not fitted with a CVT transmission. There are several mild hybrids such as the Ford Puma, Kia Stonic and Sportage and Hyundai Tucson that are available with a manual gearbox, but they do not offer the pure electric driving mode of a full hybrid.

The Ford Kuga Hybrid and Toyota RAV4 are fitted with a power split transmission that reduces the high-revving effect when accelerating, which may suit your requirements.
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