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I have a PCP due to end at the beginning of June 2020. I wish to return the vehicle. However, is it worth trying to haggle to retain the vehicle at a lower price due to the current climate?
I have a new PCP, less than 30 days old. I got it before Covid19 had massive effects on the UK. I’m self employed and this has had huge effects on my business. Am I able to reject my car because of this?
Is it possible to change from the PCP plan we are on now to trade-in for a different car on a HP plan? We've been on our current PCP for a year.
I have been on PCP for two years of a four-year deal. The guaranteed price after four years is £5500. If I keep the car for four years, and the car is actually valued at less than the £5500, will they...
I'm buying a vehicle on PCP with a choice of a Lexus UX with premium and tech safety pack or a Vauxhall Grandland X Ultimate - which is £100 cheaper per month. Servicing on the Lexus is 10,000 or one year,...
We recently purchased a car on a PCP, using our old car as a trade in. The car we purchased from the dealership was advertised as a 2.0-litre. All signed paperwork states this. On receipt of the V5C, it...
I'm looking to exchange my car for a newer model and the Mercedes-Benz dealer is pushing PCP. Should I pay cash? The dealer has quoted £300 ppm over four years.
I'm awaiting delivery of a new Audi S3 and, following a number of car thefts in my street, I'm looking at buying the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser. Given that this has to be wired into the car, does it matter...
What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a new car on a PCP? My present car has a guide value of £4620 but is eight years old although its mileage is only 38,000.
I can't get my head around PCPs. Are they a brilliant consumer deal or will they destroy secondhand car sales in the future? Is the used car market doomed to collapse at some point due to all the PCP offers?
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