Dealer has only offered a new PCP instead of letting me reject my faulty car - is this fair?

I have a 66-plate Volkswagen Golf 2.0 diesel DSG, which I purchased new. The car has had numerous faults including a new media unit and software fix, drivers side airbag failure, occasionally stalling when in gear, adaptive cruise and crash sensor failure, and front parking sensor randomly flagging up an imminent collision. It's the front parking sensor and stalling in gear issues that persist. The intermittent stalling has not been resolved, albeit its very intermittent, but a real safety concern. It seems to be an issue with the over zealous stop-start system which kicks in leaving the car sailing towards a kerb across the road with limited ability to brake or steer. The dealer says it can't stall in gear, but we have shown them video evidence of it happening. The parking sensor issue is driving me potty with random, but usually daily, sensor detection of non-existent hazards in slow traffic. The dealer has had it in for this reason alone six times with three attempted fixes where new sensors have been fitted. The last visit is where faults were diagnosed with the adaptive cruise and crash sensors. I'm totally exasperated with the dealer who, during a two hour meeting in August 2018 to resolve the issue, offered to take the car off me get rid of the £3500 negative equity due to the four-year PCP being only 22 months in. The offered to sell me another new car, but this would mean another deposit and higher monthly payments. I've advised I'm not interested in this route as I don't want to be tied into a new four-year deal with a brand that cant fix problems. I've recently complained to VW UK (who don't have a record of the dealer contacting them about the issues), but not sure what will come of this if anything. What other remedies are available to me?I just want to hand the car back and have the finance cancelled at no cost to me.

Asked on 16 September 2018 by owen

Answered by Honest John
The dealer has offered a fair solution and we don't think you will get any further by taking the matter to the Motor Ombudsman or to court. Court will be extremely expensive for a case we don't think you can win. Our advice is to accept the dealer's sensible compromise solution.
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