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My Skoda Superb on a four-year PCP is faulty - should I reject it in case it can't be fixed?

I took out a four-year PCP on a Skoda Superb in October 2017. I quickly realised there was an issue with the gearbox, particularly when changing between second and third gear. They attempted to fix it in December, but the problem persisted. The car was returned to the dealer in February 2018 for its first service and to also have the gearbox issue revisited. Eventually, Skoda Technical advice was sought because no faults were found. Then the gearbox was stripped down for investigation. If the gear change on my Superb is as good as the gear change on the Skoda Octavia I have been loaned whilst mine is being repaired then I'll be over the moon, as it's a great car. But I don't think that's how this story will end. My confidence in the dealer being able to resolve this isn't particularly high. My concern is that I'll be lumbered with a car with this defect for four years. If the problem persists, what I'd like to do is swap my car for another from their forecourt and move on. I'm pretty sure that it won't be as easy as that given the PCP. Having consulted your guides, I can see I have grounds for rejection because I highlighted the fault two months after purchase. Would you advise that if this next attempted resolution fails, I reject the car?

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When the dealer who sold you the car tells you that manufacturer approval needs to be sought before a faulty part is replaced, you simply hand him the keys to the car and tell him in that case you are rejecting it. He is the supplier of the car so he is directly liable. Whether he can get manufacturer approval to fit a new transmission is not your problem; it's his. See: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights
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