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Most recently answered driving laws questions
I have replaced the incandescent bulbs in my front sidelights with LED ones and I have noticed that the light they produce has a blueish tinge. Are they legal?
I travel with dogs a lot - in my car and in my motorhome. Could you tell me what the laws are for these journeys?
Is there a way to get a SORN'd car from A to B without insurance and tax? Would an MoT appointment qualify (even if it has just passed one)
Can you please tell me the law on children travelling in the backseats of a classic convertible without seat belts?
What is the legal situation with cars using what I call 'exhaust boosters' to make their vehicles sound like formula one cars? They seem to be driven by young male drivers who are what are loosely termed...
I am a UK resident but have a home in Spain. Can I bring my Spanish registered car back to the UK for short periods?