My car was written off a month before my new car arrives - should I buy a cheap runabout for this time?

I was recently involved in a no fault accident when my neighbour reversed into my car. I'm currently awaiting an engineer's report, but the most likely outcome is my car will be written off due to its low value. My insurer says I can keep the hire car for seven days following payout to sort out my transport. But I have a Peugeot 3008 on order, due mid/end of May. Although I don’t know how long a payout would take, assuming it’s sooner rather than later, I’m going to be left with in No Man's Land until the new car arrives (four to six weeks probably). In this case, are there any companies that charge reasonable fees for one month of car hire? Or am I better buying a banger for a few weeks and moving on when the new car arrives? Unfortunately, due to my commute I need a car as there is no reliable public transport.

Asked on 4 April 2018 by chrisakabusi

Answered by Tim Kelly
If your neighbour reversed into your car, as long as the repair cost are less than the market value, it is repairable. You can then either insist on repair, or ask for cash in lieu settlement at the full cost of repair. If the damage was just cosmetic and it's still roadworthy, then retain the salvage if the vehicle is beyond economical repair. The car is your car, so you do not need to ask to retain it. The insurer will deduct a sum for salvage. If the car cannot be repaired, the at fault insurer has obliged it's responsibilities by providing hire for seven days. Payment should be within a week and you are entitled to hire until you have received payment. In that case, I would buy a cheap run around to use and then sell it when not needed.
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