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My daughter's insurance was wrongfully cancelled, then reinstated - will she need to declare this in future?

My daughter has a Peugeot 108 on their Just Add Fuel agreement. She's 20 with a perfect driving record. Everything has been okay until she went to university in London last September. The car is left at home and is only driven once a month or so when she is back. During the winter, the battery in the car has been repeatedly draining completely flat whilst she has been away, I think due to the mixture of cold weather, infrequent driving and the black box draining it. She has periodically received automated letters from the company that manage the black box (it isn't Peugeot) telling her that they stopped receiving signals from box. She has been in contact with them explaining to them the situation as there have been several AA call outs and a replacement battery by Peugeot under warranty. She went home last weekend to find that Peugeot had cancelled her insurance stating that they believed the car was being driven with the black box disconnected, which is of course not the case. My daughter has been in contact with them and her insurance in now reinstated. My concern is that because she has had insurance cancelled she will now have to declare this in the future when purchasing insurance and that it will negatively impact her premiums in the years ahead. Is this the case?

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If the policy has been reinstated, then this is not the case. The only time an insurer can cancel a policy is when there is evidence of fraud or a breach of the terms and conditions. As such, your daughter should not be penalised in any way and would not need to make any prospective insurer aware in the future. Have the insurer place, in writing to you, that this is the case. If they refuse, complain and take it to the financial ombudsman service.
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