Will insurers take into account company car driving history in place of No Claims?

I've been driving a company car for three years and I'm a named driver on my son's policy. I previously had maximum No Claims in my own right, but I’m concerned that when I come to insure my own car my discount will have expired. Is there an insurer that will give me NCB on my driving record? I'm 51 with no accidents, claims or convictions.

Asked on 15 February 2018 by Paul Mclean

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, many insurers will take into account your previous history of company car use as long as you can prove it. Contact insurers directly or use a good broker, don't use price comparison sites. Contact your previous insurer from three year ago and request proof of your full No Claims, this will still help a prospective insurer. Even if it's expired, it still shows your driving history.
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