Debris from a lorry fell off and damaged my car - can I claim off the driver's insurance?

I was travelling down the motorway with a waste carrying lorry in front of me. The top of the container on the lorry was not covered and a piece of rubbish from the container blew off and landed on my vehicle. Some damage has been caused. Fortunately, the whole incident was recorded on my dashcam and the registration of the lorry is clearly visible. I don't want to claim on my insurance as the damage is minor, but am I able to claim off the lorry driver's insurance and, if so, how do I go about it?

Asked on 14 February 2018 by Nick

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, you can. If you know the name of the company, ring them up and ask for the manager or fleet manager. Advise them you wish to make a claim from them, and that you have the situation recorded on dashcam. You should then put you in contact with their insurer, of they may possibly even pay for it themselves. Alternatively, take it to small claims court.
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