My wife won't be driving for a year - should be SORN her car or keep it on my insurance policy?

My wife will soon be having an operation to remove a small tumour in her head. The oncologist said she will have to stop driving for a year and she must tell the DVLA. We both have a car and have added each other onto our insurance policies. Any advice as to what we should do about insurance would be appreciated. Should I become the owner of her car and insure it just for me or would it be better to take the car off the road for that year? Not sure what the implications would be.

Asked on 19 January 2018 by Ron F

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would take into consideration whether you need both vehicles. Take into account that her car will devalue, it may incur problems as a result of standing for a year, you'll be paying two sets of insurance, two sets of tax etc. You may be better selling her car, or if you have the space, store it and declare it off the road. You can have her car registered in her name, whilst insuring her car with you as the main driver. Alternatively, see if the insurer will let you add her car to your policy.
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