Car parked up for several months, what should I do?

My car has been laid up on the drive for three months because I have been in hospital. I have now been discharged but am not allowed to drive. We are heading for the worst weather of the winter, probably, and the car will stand where it is for an unknown period of time, possibly a further three months. Would it be better to sell the car now and aim to get another when I am cleared to drive again, or should I let it stand for, say six months and deal with any deterioration when I can get it back in use?

Asked on 26 July 2022 by majr

Answered by Dan Powell
Used car prices are at a record high right now, which means you will probably get a very good price for your car. You can sell it privately or use a car buying service, who will give you an online price and arrange for the car to be collected - they will also transfer the money into your bank account:

If you want to keep your car then it would be wise to have it professionally cleaned and dry stored in a garage with a trickle charger attached to the battery. Once off the road, you can place it on SORN and get a refund on your road tax VED and allow the MoT to expire. You can then drive it to a pre-booked MoT appointment when you are cleared to drive again.
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